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Sound Lab, Stacy lloyd Brown & Adam O’Reilly 2009

Stacy Lloyd Brown and Adam O’Reilly present the ‘Sound Lab’. The Khyber’s gallery will be turned into a space for public experimentation and exploration in sound. The opening reception will be held on June 4th at 8pm, and the lab will be open to the public until the 12th. This exhibition has been organized in […]

Veni-Vidi-O #4, Stuart Innes and Alison Kobayashi

VENI VIDI O 4 HALIFAX EDITION Saturday March 28th 2009 8:00 PM / FREE! Curated By Stewart Innes and Alison Kobayashi Veni Vidi O is a dynamic one night event that exhibits fresh young video work by upcoming Canadian video artists and filmmakers. Video’s are displayed in a variety of formats; there is a looped […]

Lisa Lipton

High on a Hill, Lisa Lipton 2008

An article by Stacey Ho for Sometimes love is just not meant to be. Trapped on two separate snowy mountains, a pair of alpine lovers in green attire yodel to one another above a howling wind. As their calls intensify, the storm subsides and the snow melts away. Heidi and her goatherd lover fade […]

CIRCA 1995