Khyber Window is a storefront window exhibition space that features a rotation of installations by local artists, viewable 24 hours a day from Hollis St. Please see current and past projects, as well as details on how to propose an installation below.


Admit One | Jenny Yujia Shi


Egg Lyfe Cafe | Shane Song, constructed in collaboration with Eric Diolola (article)

Vacant Faces | Arielle Twist and Brandon Hoax (article)


The Khyber will accept full applications in the form of text documents, as well as video or audio files (including cell phone and computer recordings) or recorded presentation, whichever mediums are most accessible and/or preferable to the artist. We do not accept CDs or DVDs. All content is to be attached in a single folder then submitted, online or in-person. Please notify staff by phone or email if your proposal is being sent by mail.

Artists, who wish to apply through a recorded presentation, but require assistance, can schedule appointments with Khyber staff prior to the deadline.

Answer the following in your application:

WHO are you?

Artist bio – Tell us about yourself, your artistic practice, include your name and pronouns, previous projects, exhibitions and/or experiences. Specify if this application is solo or from a collective duo or group.

WHAT will you do?

Description of installation – Share what you would like to install. Include any relevant information such as dimensions and medium of the work, title and artist statement, supporting images, audio, video and/or text.

WHY do you want to do this?

Intention – Tell us your aims or what you hope to accomplish with your work, yourself and engagement with others.

Applications and questions can be sent by mail, email or delivered in person to:

The Khyber Centre for the Arts c/o Hannah Guinan, Artistic Director |1880 Hollis St. Halifax NS Canada B3J 1W6

Drop-off hours: 12-5PM Wednesday-Friday or by appointment


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