The Khyber supports the exhibition of work in all media and encourages solo, duo and group submissions. We are devoted to research, risk and experimentation and provide a flexible, interdisciplinary space for the presentation of non-commercial contemporary art. We are committed to paying artist fees according to CARFAC standards in our Primary Program. Projects can happen at the gallery, online, or off-site and could take many forms.

Primary Programming is determined through a committee which always includes the Khyber membership, previously exhibited artists, Primary Program Chair, Director and Program Coordinator. Proposals can involve, but are not limited to: exhibitions, studio residencies, screenings, lectures, panels, individual artist talks, readings, performances and workshops.


April 15th and October 15th

The Khyber will accept full applications in the form of text documents, as well as video or audio files (including cell phone and computer recordings) or recorded presentation; whichever mediums are most accessible and/or preferable to the artist. All content is to be attached in a single folder then submitted, online or in-person as outlined below. We do not accept CDs or DVDs. Artists who wish to apply through recorded presentation, but require assistance, have the opportunity to schedule appointments:

Please include!

1. Artist bio – tell us about yourself, where you are situated in the world, your artistic practice, which could include previous projects, exhibitions and experiences. Specify if this application is solo or from a collective duo or group. If you use social media, include your handles and/or artist website(s).
(CVs, reviews of past projects and professional references are optional, but can be included if you feel it is relevant to your proposal)
2. Description – share what you would like to do, whether that be an exhibition, residency, series of events, etc., if the project has a title and any details you feel relevant, such as support material (images, audio, video, or writing +)
3. Intention – tell us your aims or what you hope to accomplish with this work, yourself and engagement with others.

[digital submissions]

Applications must be submitted to in a single folder that is Mac compatible, via Dropbox or directly by email, if files aren’t exceedingly large. Please place all files, text and images in the same folder so that only a single document is uploaded in Dropbox or sent to us in an email.

[physical submissions]

Post-dated, physical submissions can be sent in-person, if meeting is arranged, or by mail in a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

The Khyber Centre for the Arts
c/o Programming Committee
1880 Hollis Street, Halifax, NS
B3J 1W6 Canada

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*The Khyber handles all materials with care but cannot accept responsibility for lost/damaged materials. We receive hundreds of submissions each year making the application process for a show a competitive one. The programming committee is made up of a group of artists, curators and organizers which changes annually. Please do not be put off by a rejected proposal or if you receive no response. Apply again!

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