The Khyber supports the exhibition of work in all media and encourages solo, duo and group submissions. We are devoted to research, risk and experimentation and provide a flexible, interdisciplinary space for the presentation of non-commercial contemporary art. We are committed to paying artist fees according to CARFAC standards in our core program. Projects can happen at the centre, online, or off-site and could take many forms. Artists are invited to apply to our general program of exhibitions and special projects, to KREAM, the CARE project or to our Window following the guidelines and application format below.

June 15th and December 15th


Acknowledging that standard proposal writing can be intimidating, hyper academic and a barrier for many artists and organizers, the Khyber accepts submissions in a variety of formats. If communicating via text doesn’t feel accessible to you, you are so welcome to share your ideas through video, audio or IRL presentation, which we can record for you upon request and need.

All applications, unless arranged otherwise are to be submitted by email to All files must be contained within a single folder that is Mac compatible, then sent using Dropbox, WeTransfer or directly by email, if files aren’t exceedingly large. We do not accept CDs or DVDs. Artists, who wish to apply through recorded presentation or those who require assistance, have the opportunity to schedule appointments over Zoom with Khyber staff by emailing


Please address the following in your submission.

  1. Program– Include the name of the program you are applying to in the subject line of your email. This may be “General Submissions” for exhibitions or projects or to a specific program such as “KREAM” “the CARE project” or “Khyber Window”. 
  2. Artist bio– Tell us about yourself; include your name and pronouns, where you are situated in the world, your artistic practice, interests, previous projects and/or experiences. Specify if this application is solo or from a collective duo or group. If you use social media, include your handles and/or artist website. CVs, links to articles and/or professional references are optional, but can be included if you feel it is relevant to your proposal.
  3. Description– Share what you would like to do. Include if your work has a title, materials used or involved and if events will take place at the Khyber, offsite or online. Please review our access page with COVID-19 protocols and consider the realities of the pandemic within your description and planning. Speak to any other details you feel are relevant. Images, audio, video or text as support material is welcomed. Past juries have found visual sketches of how the gallery will be utilized as extremely helpful.
    • For general submissions propose anything. Be specific in describing what you are proposing, which can be but is not limited to an exhibition, performance, workshop, artist talk or panel, screening, reading, a single event and/or series of. 
    • For KREAM propose a residency. Speak to studio usage and public presentation components which could involve installation, performance, artist talks, studio visits, screenings and/or workshops.
    • For the CARE project propose an online workshop or event. Describe your facilitation style, approach to organizing, and the concepts and themes explored in your workshop or event. We also welcome the sharing of workshop outlines, examples of exercises, and/or quotes on experiences from past attendees, if applicable to your application.
    • For the Window gallery propose an installation. Please refer to interior and exterior window dimensions. In addition to proposing an installation that takes into consideration the unique display possibilities of a window gallery, we welcome proposals for online events or community engagement to occur while your work is exhibited.
  1. Intention– Tell us your aims or what you hope to accomplish with this work, yourself and engagement with others. Let us know if your programming is open to the public or designed as a closed space for specific communities. Share what your project outreach strategy or approach to connecting and engaging with community looks like. Speak to ways communities can engage with your project or event if located remotely, offsite from the gallery. 
  2. Timeline and schedule– Let us know when ideally you would like to see this happen, as well as duration of the project, exhibition, residency, workshop or event.


The Khyber will prioritize desires, requirements and proposals from those who have systemically faced oppression, exclusion and tokenism within the art world, including artists who are BIPOC, 2LGBTQ+, Deaf and Hard of Hearing and those working in Disability Arts.

As an artist-run centre operating within the context of Turtle Island, we want to acknowledge the responsibility we have to present and highlight work by specifically Indigenous and Black artists. Located on Kjipuktuk, unceded Mi’kma’ki, we will place utmost priority on working with proposals and supporting the work of Mi’kmaq and African Nova Scotian artists.

We encourage applicants to self identify within their application. It is mandatory to self identify in your application if you are a white person and/or a cis man.

Artists who have already participated in solo exhibitions, residencies or projects spanning one month or longer at the Khyber in the past 3 years do not qualify for other opportunities of this equivalence.


Accessing the Khyber:

The Khyber recognizes that the space we currently operate out of has many potential barriers when it comes to access, for artists and visitors alike. We have amounts budgeted for care and accessibility staff to aid with these realities at events, as well as to contribute to the individual needs of each artist or organizer. All fees and programming will be confirmed with the artists upon invitation and notice of acceptance. Living accommodations, travel arrangements and shipment of artwork will be the responsibilities of the artists, however, staff can assist in this process upon request.


Khyber staff are available to answer questions or offer feedback throughout the application process. We want to welcome potential applicants to please reach out, as we would love to hear from you. Again, we are available to meet with potential applicants over Zoom and can record presentations or our meeting to be considered as an application by the jury. Please contact Hannah at


Programming is determined by a committee, which rotates per deadline and always includes the Khyber membership, previously exhibited artists, Primary Program Chair, and Khyber Directors.

The Khyber receives hundreds of submissions each year making the application process a competitive one. The programming committee is made up of a group of artists, curators and organizers that change bi-annually. Please do not be put off by a rejected proposal or if you receive a slow response. We encourage applicants to request feedback and apply again!


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