Out of Line will be a trans artist group of 6-8 artist participants. Submissions are open to LOCAL trans and gender non-conforming artists working across all disciplines and all stages of practice. This opportunity was initiated and organized by Mo Glitch of Post Portal Project. It will involve monthly meetings, skill-share, mentorship, and a group exhibition at the Khyber Centre for the Arts. The program is outlined in greater detail below. Applications are now open!



Please email the following to submissions@khyber.ca before the application deadline. We accept submissions as text documents, image files, video and/or audio files. Apply using what formats or combinations work best for you!

  1. Artist Bio
  2. Artist CV and/or list of relevant experiences.
  3. Artist Statement and/or description of your current art practice.
  4. Why would you like to participate in Out of Line?
  5. How will Out of Line support your art practice?
  6. Support Materials including images and/or video of your artwork, artist’s website, social media, reviews, or articles.

Your applications will be peer-reviewed and assessed by a group of trans and/or gender non-conforming artists.

Questions? Please get in touch with Mo Glitch at postportalprojects@gmail.com



Post Portal Project’s Out of Line is a 10-month initiative from October 2024 to July 2025, intentionally designed by and for trans and gender non-conforming artists. This program will focus on social engagement and nurturing an environment for artistic skill-sharing and community building, uniting 6-8 trans artists selected through a public call for participation. Held at the Khyber Centre for the Arts, these artists will participate in monthly in-person gatherings, culminating in a vibrant group art exhibition representing their collective journey.

Out of Line is guided by a commitment to amplifying and centering the voices and experiences of trans artists, challenging stereotypes and cis-normative narratives, and encouraging a sense of connection and belonging within the trans artist community.


The gatherings will be organized and led by Mo Glitch of Post Portal Project. Each monthly session, spanning 2.5 hours, will blend formal sharing and feedback processes with informal networking opportunities. They will provide crucial reflective spaces for the artists to share their practice, receive critique, and seek peer support, sparking creativity, and alleviating isolation that the pandemic has exacerbated.


This program will also invite 2 established guest artists, Vivek Shraya and Chris Vargas, to present solo artist talks and mentorship to the cohort. Speaking about their artistic practices and professional experiences, these guest artists will share how they have navigated the production and presentation of their work within the art world.


The program will conclude with a dynamic group exhibition at the Khyber, where the 6-8 artist participants will showcase their work during July 2025. Artists will be compensated according to CARFAC-recommended exhibition fees.

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