Special Project: Member’s Selection Archive and Library

Friday 14 November – Saturday 03 January, 2014

Khyber membership was invited to contribute to a member’s consorted library.

The call was for curatorial and referential work and the Gallery promised to provide a shelving unit designed to hold all selected material.

They were given two assignments and were asked to interact with one or both:

1) Submit a selection of books, DVD, CD or cassette (1-10max) to be displayed and engaged with in the Gallery.
2) Submit a compilation package of segmented material, E.g. photocopied excerpts (on paper 8.5”X14”max), DVD, CD or cassette, to be engaged with in the Gallery.

Documents from the Khyber’s archives showcasing past programming and initiatives by Khyber members were also exhibited, through reselection and presentation on a monthly rotation.

Poster (#1) and sketches for unit (#2 Taylor Parks + #3-5 Peter van Gurp):

CIRCA 1995