Emily Davidson, Agitate Educate Organise ~ Opens April 27, 8pm. Runs through May 30.

Join us for the opening reception of Emily Davidson’s exhibition, Agitate Educate Organise on April 27th at 8pm.

Open Saturdays.

Part of the 2012 Halifax Mayworks Festival

Emily Davidson situates her artistic practice within the political project of advocating feminism. Davidson investigates structures of power both within and outside of the institution of art. Her work is centred on the using nostalgia to critique of the notion of progress.

In her new work Agitate Educate Organise Emily Davidson investigates the problematic relationship artists have as both producers and workers. Agitate Educate Organise depicts vignettes of women’s labour history from the mid-nineteenth century until the early twentieth century with an installation letterpress printed wallpapers. Drawing on William Morris’ decorative work from the late nineteenth century, Davidson repurposes the anti-industrial aesthetic of the Arts and Crafts movement to show the radical social history of women workers.

CIRCA 1995