Data Cave/Gobble Gobble Membership drive Oct 9th!

This Saturday your old buddies in Data Cave will be stopping in Halifax fresh off their Pop Montreal experience on an East Coast tour with TORSO and the insanely violent-sounding AHNA from Vancouver: “Their sound ranges from being completely hypnotic to forcefully chaotic and unstable,” the band writes. First, the pair will be playing an early show at the Khyber to help raise money for the art space‚Äôs annual funding drive from 9-11pm. Gobble Gobble will be joining the post-show fray for a dance party after the bands. The whole thing is $5 and will probably deafen you in gorgeous and terrible ways.

Data Cave has this to say about the Khyber and why you should come out on Saturday:

“The Khyber has always been a vital instituion and member of the Halifax art and music community. It’s especially important to show continual support by regularly attending these events, in hopes that the City of Halifax will recognize this. Barrington street is a wreck, and the Khyber should play a key role in whatever the city’s big “Revitalization” plan is. The staff and volunteers at the Khyber work extremely hard to maintain it’s strong reputation and their work is often unnoticed or unappreciated. The Khyber reliably throws the most interesting parties and events and becoming a member and attending shows such as the two on Saturday night is the simplest and most enjoyable way of showing support.”

CIRCA 1995