Kyle Alden Martens: EQUIPMENT

As artist-in-residence, Kyle Alden Martens spent time in studio researching ideas, aesthetics, functions of sports padding and medical braces to make equipment created for the body. His new work titled EQUIPMENT is a collection of performative sculptures which examine action and inaction, athletics and healing, digital and physical touch while taking influence from Pleiades’ Spiri robot technology. As sculptures to be used for performances, EQUIPMENT highlights a barrier between body, space and reference a type of hyper digital connection that comes with a physical detachment in current society.


Kyle Alden Martens is a Montreal QC-based artist working in video, photography, performance, writing, drawing, collage, and sculpture – often blending media to create multiple levels of visual and conceptual dialogue. His work employs themes of subtlety, duration, humour, anticipation, boredom, restriction, and repeated motion.




CIRCA 1995