Please Make the Khyber your Charity of Choice this year!

Make the Khyber your Charity of Choice this year!
Please share this message if you are in support of strengthening the arts’ presence in downtown Halifax.

The Khyber has had a great year! We have ever-steadily been able to host more exhibitions, pay more artists, and keep our finances balanced all the while. No doubt, the Khyber is getting stronger every year.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without support from the public and through donations. To keep a steady flow of

arts programming to the public we depend on your continued support!

The Khyber has lofty goals to continue to grow our centre into a bigger and better publicly accessible contemporary art space. Your support will ensure we can meet the needs of artists by providing a stable venue for experimentation in all disciplines and at all levels, helping artist’s voices get heard!

You can even choose what area to donate; Core-Operations, Film, Music, or Special Projects (ie. residencies, publications, khyber kids program). All donations over $25 make you elegible for a membership (please let us know if you would like to be a member).

To donate please visit:

A tax receipt will be issued for all donations. Thank you!

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