EVERYSTINKER is a children’s program designed to complement the @everyseeker festival and brought to you by the makers of OBABY, team @khybercentre.

Check out this year’s edition of EVERYSTINKER: ZEANIE BABIES!!!!!!!!!

Squish. Squeeze. Bonk. Boing. We’ve put together a new and interactive zine celebrating your toys, stuffies, and sound art. It will be available to all of you kids online and in print. During the festival, head over to our Tumblr page or stop by Khyber’s curbside for the zine launch party on Sunday 12th June. You and your plush pals will be invited for bubbles, street chalk, soft sounds, and fuzzy FREAKquencies. 


For the first year of EVERYSTINKER in 2021, we had an exclusive video on YouTube from our kitchen to yours, where we joined Hannah, Bria, and Calen as they followed your audio-visual recipes to cook some sweet, salty, spicy, and sour songs into something ASMRemarkable.

Starring Ashley, Aubrey Jude (22 months), Clem, Delia (age 4), Dusty (8 months), Frank, Ivy (20 months), James Dionne (age 7), K’lil, Louis (age 8), Esther (age 7), Moses, Neime (age 11), Ruth (age 4), Sable (age 8), and Summer (age 11)

CIRCA 1995