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Event: PERFORM: vol 3 + Collectif Les Poulpes: Projet Convoi

Saturday 20 June, 2015 PERFORM is an ongoing event initiated and organized by Brandon Brookbank and Kyle Alden Martens. PERFORM intends to promote performance art within Halifax. Performances range in subject and production: via webcam, video, live, and projected. We are aiming to make this event a monthly occurrence: with any questions or proposals for […]

Event: Artists Talks Publicly

Saturday 06 June, 2015 The Khyber Centre for the Arts collaborated with the 100in1Day Halifax event to showcase the culture of artist-run-centres, as well as allow the Khyber community to share their work and/or practice with a larger, more accessible audience by way of the Halifax Commons. At a podium by the Halifax Commons Fountain, […]

Exhibition: Emily Pelstring: Standard Play

On view: Thursday 21 May – Thursday 11 June, 2015 STATEMENT: Standard Play is a series of imaginative conjectures based on memories of adolescent rituals of media consumption. The installation offers three interpenetrating scenes: two sisters have fallen asleep with the TV on (Sleepers); distorted voices offer an expressionistic tour of the inside of a […]

Festival: ART IN FEST / The OBEY Convention VIII

21-23 May, 2015 The Khyber presented ART IN FEST and acted as artist lounge and performance space during The OBEY Convention VIII. ART IN FEST is a standalone festival of multi-disciplinary contemporary art based in Halifax, suffused with the spirit of the OBEY Convention and presented in partnership with the Khyber Centre for the Arts. […]

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