Tiny Ventriloquist, STEVE REINKE video premiere and artist Q&A, July 4, 2012

Steve Reinke Screening, Wednesday (tomorrow) July 4th 8pm!!
The artist will be in attendance for a Q&A at the end. Admittance is free.

The Tiny Ventriloquist
61 min. 2012 (Canadian premiere)
THE TINY VENTRILOQUIST is a suite of short video works.
Perhaps the titles to some of the components best communicate the breadth and flavour of the work: Great Blood Sacrifice, Beaver Skull Magick, Cartoon for those who have a certain fondness for ideas but are tired of thinking, The Root Problem of the World, My Name is Karlheinz Stockhausen, Ass Reclaim Insert. In these works, Reinke tries on and discards many voices, stances, histories, and ideologies.

Disambiguation, 45 min. 2010 (collaboration w/ James Richards)
Starting out as equal parts authors, editors and thieves, the Disambiguation project began when two artists were invited to curate a screening together. Since they live in separate cities, Chicago and London respectively, they decided to swap and re-edit files of video and audio material from their own archives by post. Animations, pornography, songs, downloads and fragments from their own back catalogue were passed back and forth across the Atlantic to be chopped and sequenced into an exquisite corpse of swapped signals.

CIRCA 1995