SuperB AstardS, co-ordinated by Andrew Maclaren and Daniel Joyce

Opening Reception June 17th at 7:30!!!!! Semi-permanent hallway installation!

An exhibition in the halls of the Khyber with works by our very own Sym Corrigan, Tonia DiRisio, Erling TV Klingenberg, Andrew A MacLaren, Matthew Reichertz, and Rob Zingone!

Featuring the colours of “and Still Counting” chosen by Garry Neil Kennedy:
Restoration Rose!
Ships at Sea!
Provincial Majesty!
Palace Purple!
Play House Plum!
Archeological Treasures!
Stage Fright!
Council Bluff!
Have No Fear!
Mystery Sound!
Turret Brown!
Beside the Ocean!
Victorian Sage!
City Song!
Party Place!

CIRCA 1995