Khyber Legends Cup, Michael Coolidge 2008

Khyber Legends Cup 2008

Exhibition: September 12 – 27, 2008
Opening Reception: September 12, 2008 at 7pm

Tournament Registration: September 12 2008
Tournament: September 20 – 27 2008

Intent on exploring the structures and aesthetics of leisure-play in relation to art and public spaces, Calgary-based artist Michael Coolidge is organizing a knockout-style prize tournament in matches of Free Bowl, which will span the downtown core of Halifax. This event come art exhibition is programmed by the Khyber Institute for Contemporary Arts and will involve members of the Halifax art community as tournament participants.

Let us begin with Free Bowl. Similar to Bocce and Lawn Bowling, the objective of Free Bowl is to bowl closest to a marker ball. Free Bowl players, however, must negotiate and determine their own courts, selecting from a vast array of existing urban spaces. One match leads to another, as the game and its players traverse the various landscapes of the built environment.

Tournament Info:

Type: knockout-style prize event; singles (no teams)

Limited entry (by invitation or registration).

September 12: Tournament registration will begin at 7pm, in conjunctionwith the grand opening of the Free Bowl Clubhouse (located at the Khyber ICA).

Draw times:

Sat, Sept 20 – matches at 1pm and 3pm
Sun, Sept 21 – matches at 1pm and 3pm
Mon-Fri, Sept 22 – 26 – matches at 7pm (Clubhouse open late)
Sat, Sept 27 – FINAL MATCH – 1pm (prize selection to follow)

*All tournament games begin at the Clubhouse and take place in varying locations decided by the competitors through the course of game play.

*Gaming equipment and practice space available at the Clubhouse, open to the public during regular gallery hours.

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