The Khyber is run collectively by it’s members, which you can be. As a not-for-profit the Khyber relies on the support of it’s members, whose interest allow for critically engaging projects to manifest.

Propose an event!
Sell your work in the shop!

$20 – Individual

-Able to submit proposals for exhibitions, special projects or put on events
-Vote on important issues at the Annual General Meeting and are eligible to run for a position on the Khyber Board of Directors
-Have your artwork or items for sale at the Khyber Member Shop
-Opportunity to play an important role in the organization through committee involvement and the exhibition selection process
-Regular email updates on exhibitions, special projects, calls, and other opportunities
-Option to receive gallery email-outs and exhibition invitations
-Eligible to utilize gallery facilities, reference materials or Khyber Archive

$60 – Organization

-Full benefits as listed above, for up to 4 individuals who are part of the same organization or collective.

$100 – Sustaining

-Full benefits as listed above, with the option to have your membership last for up to 5 years or to receive a charitable tax receipt for the donation portion of your membership.

$500 – Ultra

-Full benefits as listed above and knowing that you and knowing that your annual contribution makes a great difference in the organization’s ability to pay out more artist fees or invest in new equipment for all to use.

To become a member of the Khyber Centre for the Arts pay by cash or cheque in-person, via email and e-transfer sent to or online through Paypal here:

Membership types:

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