Last year the Khyber introduced a new residency program called KREAM (Khyber Residency: External Action Miracle) and presented new work by brilliant local and visiting artists: Stephanie WuRyan JoseyShaya IshaqVida Beyer and Willow Cioppa. The Khyber is very excited to announce the second iteration of KREAM with this new call for solo, duo or group proposals open to local, national or international artists working in any medium or discipline.


This year KREAM will consist of 4 self-led artist residencies, offering 2 at ten days and 2 at a month-long in duration, scheduled over  January – March 2019.

Each residency will provide artists with 24-hour studio access to the Khyber, material and preparation fees, living and travel per diems, as well as artist fees aligned with CARFAC. Artists will receive a platform for their choice of a single work installation or performance, with reception event. They are also invited to hold public presentation events of their choosing, which could be talks, screenings, studio visits and/or workshops. These events may be open to all public or closed spaces for specific communities.

In addition to the studio residency and programming, we will be creating a sort of yearbook publication that will combine responses from each of the artists-in-residence, such as reflective writing, interviews, documentation and visual work. As a companion to this physical publication, we will create an online audio/visual component. Additional fees will be provided for writers and editors selected by the artists and Khyber staff.

All fees and programming will be confirmed with the artists upon notice of acceptance to KREAM. Living accommodations, travel arrangements and shipment of artwork will be the responsibilities of the artists, however, staff can assist in this process upon request.

Artists who have already participated in solo residency programs or exhibitions spanning one month or longer at the Khyber in the past 3 years do not qualify for KREAM. The Khyber will prioritize desires, requirements and proposals from those who have systemically faced oppression, exclusion and tokenism within the art world, including artists who are BIPOC, LGBTQ2+, Deaf and Hard of Hear and those working in Disability Arts.

Accessing the Khyber:

The Khyber recognizes that the space we currently operate out of has many potential barriers when it comes to access, for artists and visitors alike. We have amounts budgeted for care and accessibility staff to aid with these realities at KREAM events, as well as to contribute to the individual needs of each artist-in-residence.

Deadline for artist proposals: Friday September 28, 2018


The Khyber will accept full applications in the form of text documents, as well as video or audio files (including cell phone and computer recordings) or recorded presentation, whichever mediums are most accessible and/or preferable to the artist. We do not accept CDs or DVDs. All content is to be attached in a single folder then submitted, online or in-person. Please notify staff by phone or email if your proposal is being sent by mail.

Artists, who wish to apply through recorded presentation, but require assistance, can schedule appointments with Khyber staff prior to the deadline.

Answer the following in your application:

WHO are you?

Artist bio – Tell us about yourself, include your name and pronouns, where you are located in the world, your artistic practice, previous projects, exhibitions and/or experiences. Specify if this application is solo or from a collective duo or group. We do not require you to have a degree or to send us a standard CV.

WHAT will you do?

Description of activity – Share what you will be doing with your residency and if the project has a title. Include studio usage, materials and your proposed presentation components e.g. single work installation, performance, artist talks, studio visits, screenings and/or workshops. Specify whether each event will be held at the Khyber or at a location offsite or online, as well as if they are open to all public or closed for specific communities. Any relevant support material such as images, audio, video and text can also be included.

WHEN will this happen?

Timeline and schedule – Let us know if you wish to do a month-long or 10-day-long residency or are open to either. Let us know which months offered are preferable to you.

WHY do you want to do this?

Intention – Tell us your aims or what you hope to accomplish with this residency, your work, yourself and engagement with others.

Applications and questions can be sent by mail, email or delivered in person to:

The Khyber Centre for the Arts c/o Hannah Guinan, Artistic Director |1880 Hollis St. Halifax NS Canada B3J 1W6

Drop-off hours: 12-5PM Wednesday-Saturday or by appointment


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