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Khyber Performance Series – February 11,12,13th

PERFORMANCE: A performance generally comprises an event in which one group of people (the performer or performers) behave in a particular way for another group of people. (the audience). Sometimes the dividing line between performer and the audience may become blurred, as in the example of “participatory theatre” where audience members might get involved in the production. […]

Documentum Group Exhibition – 01/31/2011 – 02/11/2011

“Documentum” – 01/31/2011 – 02/11/2011 An exhibition of documents, artifacts, and ephemera. ARTISTS INCLUDE: Bruce Barber, Matthew Carswell, Ali Nickerson, Carey Jernigan + Sera Senakovicz, Victoria Manzer, Joanna Pike, Alex Cooney, Emma Senft, Andrew Mclaren, Ella Tetrault, Jess Alley, Steven Macdougall, Ryan T. Dunn, Fionnuala Reynolds, Cassie packham, Liam logan, Carly Butler, Jeremy Macdonald, Patrick […]

Patrick Howlett & Gary Spearin, Sept 10 – Sept 30, 2010

The Khyber Presents “Review” and “Toronto Riots” by Patrick Howlett and Gary Spearin Patrick Howlett and Garry Spearin’s recent projects, Review (2007) and Toronto Riots (2010), are both process-based series’ using abstract painting as a medium for expressing concepts that focus’ on the manipulation of subject matter, as the subject itself. “Review” was inspired by […]

SuperB AstardS, co-ordinated by Andrew Maclaren and Daniel Joyce

Opening Reception June 17th at 7:30!!!!! Semi-permanent hallway installation! An exhibition in the halls of the Khyber with works by our very own Sym Corrigan, Tonia DiRisio, Erling TV Klingenberg, Andrew A MacLaren, Matthew Reichertz, and Rob Zingone! Featuring the colours of “and Still Counting” chosen by Garry Neil Kennedy: Restoration Rose! Ships at Sea! […]

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