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Event: Artists Talks Publicly

Saturday 06 June, 2015 The Khyber Centre for the Arts collaborated with the 100in1Day Halifax event to showcase the culture of artist-run-centres, as well as allow the Khyber community to share their work and/or practice with a larger, more accessible audience by way of the Halifax Commons. At a podium by the Halifax Commons Fountain, […]

Exhibition: Emily Pelstring: Standard Play

On view: Thursday 21 May – Thursday 11 June, 2015 STATEMENT: Standard Play is a series of imaginative conjectures based on memories of adolescent rituals of media consumption. The installation offers three interpenetrating scenes: two sisters have fallen asleep with the TV on (Sleepers); distorted voices offer an expressionistic tour of the inside of a […]

Festival: ART IN FEST / The OBEY Convention VIII

21-23 May, 2015 The Khyber presented ART IN FEST and acted as artist lounge and performance space during The OBEY Convention VIII. ART IN FEST is a standalone festival of multi-disciplinary contemporary art based in Halifax, suffused with the spirit of the OBEY Convention and presented in partnership with the Khyber Centre for the Arts. […]


Saturday 16 May, 2015 BROUGHT TO YOU BY NON STOP FUN: 1. COMEDY: Cheryl Hann Sandi Rankduwa Kaitlin Shuvera 2. MUSIC: Gift From God XXX CLVR WAYNE WORLD


Thursday 14 May, 2014 EVENT: HALIFAX SOUP is a bimonthly grant, modelled to support small to medium sized creative projects, put forward by members of the community and voted on while sharing a meal. The first microMEAL took place from 7-10PM May 14th at The Khyber Centre for the Arts, 5521 Cornwallis Street. Open to […]

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