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Panel Discussion: Robotics Residency

Sunday 18 October, 2015 In July 2015 the Khyber produced a call open to Halifax-based artists, in search of project proposals reflective of life and art in the Internet age and themes currently being explored through its publication Crit paper. Over the late Summer/Fall 2015 months the selected artists, Esmé Hogeveen and Kyle Alden Martens […]

Events: Summer/Fall 2015

SOME events that took place Summer/Fall 2015 at 5521 Cornwallis St, Khyber North-end location: Saturday 17 October, 2015 Friday 02 October, 2015 Tuesday 29 September, 2015 Sunday 13 September, 2015 Saturday 12 September, 2015 Friday 11 September, 2015 Friday 04 September, 2015 Wednesday 02 September, 2015 Saturday 29 August, 2015 Friday 28 August, 2015 Saturday […]

Event: PERFORM: vol 3 + Collectif Les Poulpes: Projet Convoi

Saturday 20 June, 2015 PERFORM is an ongoing event initiated and organized by Brandon Brookbank and Kyle Alden Martens. PERFORM intends to promote performance art within Halifax. Performances range in subject and production: via webcam, video, live, and projected. We are aiming to make this event a monthly occurrence: with any questions or proposals for […]

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