Event: PERFORM: vol 1 + 2

PERFORM is an ongoing event initiated and organized by Brandon Brookbank.

PERFORM intends to promote performance art within Halifax. Performances range in subject and production: via webcam, video, live, and projected.

We are aiming to make this event a monthly occurrence: with any questions or proposals for future events please e-mail info@khyber.ca

Saturday 11 April, 2015

vol 2
Featured performances by Artists/Khyber members: Cait Anthony & Tori Fleming, Lucy Campbell, Erika Ellsworth, Ray Fenwick, Adonika Jayne, Sally Hill, Kyle Alden Martens, Maddie Mcneely.

Tuesday 10 March, 2015

vol 1
Featured performances by Artists/Khyber members: Brent Cleveland, Allie Graham, Jodi Heartz, Hannah McGrath, Camila Salcedo, Meg Shields.

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