Exhibition: Kyle Martell: Seems Reasonable

On view: 14 – 21 March, 2015

Seems Reasonable,
I am sitting and wondering, what is it that has lead me to this moment. Saturated by the glow of my computer screen, I am watching a show and thinking of progress as linear movement through time, towards civilization’s zenith. Vast swaths of time fly by me as I sit thinking, isn’t it strange that every ancient structure aligns to a distant star cluster? Receding into my thoughts I begin to imagine that my ancestors eons ago must not have had the intelligence to build such great structures. No, that surely is relegated to us in our present time. Something else must have urged them towards achievements such as writing, mathematics, and the pyramids, something possibly from the sky. The more I travel space and time, lighted by the glow of my screen, the more my intrigue builds. The past comes to me as distant and mysterious.

Kyle Martell, is a Halifax based artist working in a variety of media. A recent graduate of NSCAD University, his current focus is making digital models and images, as well as sculpture. Though the subjects in Martell’s work vary, from ancient Greece to more current subjects such as mall architecture and design, there is always a pervasive sense of the underwhelming and strange. This sense of the underwhelming is usually created by a consciously applied lack of skill, whether that be the material’s chosen, their application, or their arrangement in space. The goal being to allow a distanced, more abstracted view of the subject, heightening the objects and images strangeness.

CIRCA 1995