Holiday Toast 2012! Dec. 14th, 8pm. All arts organizations invited to take part

DECEMBER 14th, 2012, 8pm onwards

Arts organizations are invited to make a toast!

The Khyber, Centre for Art Tapes, and Eyelevel Gallery warmly extend an invitation to all arts organizations and artists throughout HRM and beyond to come make a toast to the past year, the new year, to all the new babies and old babies, and to reflect, relax and mingle with everyone before we’re catapulted into 2013!!  This is a fantastic opportunity to collect and share thoughts, ideas, and visions on how we can all come together to make our thriving community meet the potential it deserves, and to celebrate the hard work that we all put into the arts.

As a way to acknowledge their presence in our communities, there will be an official toast given by a member of each organization, or any individual, who wishes to pick up the microphone and make a toast. There will be opportunities throughout the evening to give spontaneous toasts, however if you would like to be on the official roster (or want a certain time, need set up, etc) please contact:
So grab your coat and grab your hat, bring it on! Let’s get PHATT!

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